About Revel & Underwood

Revel & Underwood, Inc. an ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION has been in business in Indianapolis since 1973. The Company has been successful due to our ability to service diverse types of portfolios and adapting to change as it occurs. As with any service organization, talented and committed staff is essential. We have a diverse mix of people, many who have been with us for over twenty years coupled with new enthusiastic staff members. This group includes licensed real estate brokers and salespersons, Certified Property Managers and Certified Public Accountants. Our long history, in ever-changing environments, provides you a stable Company you can rely on.

At Revel & Underwood, Inc., we understand the risks of ownership, and we know what it takes to reap the rewards. Our motivated staff is totally committed to helping you, our client; achieve the common goals of minimizing problems and maximizing value. We also know that each client is unique, so we ask questions to understand each client's special needs, listen to the answers and work harder than anyone to accomplish your goals. With experience in all facets of commercial real estate business (multifamily, homeowners associations, self storage, office, industrial and retail), we rigorously monitor trends and investment opportunities to find solutions that are right for you.


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